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Somedays I just hate to wait.

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I have come to the conclusion that the people who call tech support have become even stupider in the last four years.  I'm sorry its hard to be sympathetic to an Idiot who Spent $5000 on a TV to IMPRESS HIS FRIENDS who cant understand that he too has to follow the established rules in order for us to send someone out to fix said TV.  Then of course there's the douchebag who wants service right now, or something that is outside what we will do, and knows if he talks to a supervisor he will get what he wants because we are authorized to CHANGE THE RULES - he's read that on the internet somewhere.  And that of course leads us to my third least favorite Idiot - Mr. IT MUST BE SO BECAUSE I READ IT ON THE INTERNET.  Your product is defective and this is a known issue, because I READ IT ON THE INTERNET.  My response to this one is easy - well sir, if the people who created those websites had taken one tenth of the time it took them to code the website to call us, perhaps we would know about the issue - however, since we do not have a division that monitors the web solely for issues with our product, this is the first I have heard of the issue.

How does all this ranting about idiots relate to the title of this post?  Well, because my Idiot Acceptance Level has been reached, I've decided to look for a new job.   Only its not really a new job. its something I've done before for a company I've worked for previously.  Since I'm eligible for rehire - never burn that bridge if you can, cause you never know when you're going to want to go back somewhere for a while - the only thing I'm waiting on is the paperwork to process.  But since part of the process involves people in a time zone 8000 miles from here, it can be a bit slow.  Thus, I'm waiting and am not in the mood to wait at this point.  But in the end the wait will be worth it - I just need to remember that.

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