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Space Wolf Sargent Converted :GW:

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Some new work :-D I am pretty stisfied by the freehands and armour color.

For the armour, I started with a basecoat of "DARK SEA GREY" with a bit of "DARK SEA BLUE".

Highlighting using "dark sea grey" and a bit of "space wolves grey". Then I applied the shadows and middle tones with "orange brown" and "cam. black brown".

The fur was painted using GW inks. and matt colours.


(and comments are welcome of course!!)

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Painting and Modelling , Commission Work


  1. AinuLainour's Avatar
    I love how you've offset the cool colours of the base and armour with the vibrant orange hair and pale flesh. Bigger pictures would be nice, though!
  2. kjl's Avatar
    Me encantan los lobos espaciales en general, pero este es buenisimo!!!
    Te ha quedado perfecto, podrias poner alguna foto desde atras.

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