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Newest Piece - Not a Mini

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I know, I know. Not a mini, but it is my latest work - that I've had done anyway. I've been saving up for this for about two years and the time has finally come. my new tattoo! This is about 2 1/2 hours in the chair. Outline and a little over half the shading is done. That's about when my adrenaline wore out. I'll go back in about three weeks after this has healed to get the rest of teh shading and the color put in.

The red tribal swirl and the black bats with it are a previous work. The color is being refreshed to match the rest of the new work. 

 Haunted hill Tattoo

Halloween Tattoo

randy's new tattoo 

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Hehe, actually tribal tattoos are inspirations for many of my freehands :)), Most of them are based on simple principle - highly contrast well defined shapes with minimal shadings. Works like a charm for anything from banners to kill marks.

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