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The Calm Before The Storm

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Things have been quiet here on the modeling front as of late due to the impending storm that is Trivia. I know we're not the only ones who do this across hte US (as a trivia freak, I'd better know!) but it's one of the larger, and longer ones, and fun none the less.

Our local state college student run radio station - 88.1 KVSC - runs a 50 hour Trivia Marathon every February. Yes, 50 hours straight, from 5pm Friday evening all the way through Sunday evening 7pm - non stop. They ask 9 questions an hour (18 during the "Speed Rounds") over the air and we call in answers, hoping we can get them right before the questions are closed. The point values and time we have available to answer them are based on how hard the question is.

There's around 80 teams that compete and the numbers slowly but steadily rise every year. We've been playing since 1993 and it's become quite the tradition with our friends and family, indeed - some of us only see each other during the contest as people come in from out of town, and sometimes out of state, to play.

Our house gets turned on its ear as libraries are consolidated (literally thousands of books), collected newspaper clippings and ephemra from everywhere are sorted and stored in filing cabinets, and computer networks and multiple phone lines are set up. Sleeping schedules, eating times, and the ever popular Dead Pool pics are arranged as to make sure our team is competitive as ever yet still have a blast sharing this time with our friends.

As much as I dislike putting my new orks aside (dang they're awesome!), Trivia trumps 40K this time of year. I'll return to my usual updates about a week or two after trivia is over when the dust settles and the house is put back to normal.

If you're interested in seeing what 15-25 people look like living together for 50 hours straight while researching questions you can see our teams website here and check the photo gallery.

BTW - I did get in a couple of games with the new ork codex and I highly approve! I actually beat the nids - Whoohoo!

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