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It's Over - Now I Rest

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Well, our local trivia marathon is over and I'm feeling very much like a burnt out husk of a human being. Our team did alright at 18 out of 78 teams and we edged out our friendly rivals by one place, again (cool).

The game itself has changed over the years since the birth of the internet and the question writers have gone to great lengths to "Google-proof" the questions. They become riddles of sorts that must be decoded, then you can start looking for the answer they REALLY want. Do this 9 times and hour for 50 hours. Whew!

Granted, not all the questions are difficult and in reality it's a information scavenger hunt more than anything else. Name Jack Skelingtons dog is an easy one, a harder one would be name all of the honorary pallbearers at  Vernon Bellecourts memorial service.

It's something that can only be understood fully by experiencing it like sky diving or giving birth. Now I tend to returning my house to normalcy and back to painting!


You can see more about this contest HERE  


Our Team Website HERE 



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