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Da Orange Crush

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So my LGS owner and I were talking about orks and all things orky, and we were speaking about how we were tired of green.  Not that I have anything against green orks and their various permutations, but green this and green that gets old.  This brought up the subject of when he worked in a T-shirt factory that certain dyes from different regions that were supposedly the same color carried different hues.  He was told that was beacuse different areas had different soil properties that affected the minerals used in the dye.  This was our semi-non-scientific basis for our non-green ork armies. 

Thus was born my orky army project:  Bahr Dukhal and Da Zitruss Boys.  They are my orange orks, and they are so much fun to paint.  The shear departure from the "norm" is fun.  Orks in general are fun.  And the fact that for vehicles and such I can either scratchbuild or convert to my hearts content, I am having the mini time of my life.

So far, I have painted 10 Gretchin and a runtherd, 5 boyz, 2 Nobz, and built and painted 2 Killa Kanz.  When talking with Kelly (the LGS owner) he deemed them Da Orange Crush, instead of the Green Tide. It stuck.

The fact that I have been able to actually use some of the plasticard and other styrene products I have has been quite a learning experience.  The two Killa Kans I built were the ideal examples of the learning curve.  I am intent on building a third, but given that I am going to be out of town for much of March and April, I may have to get on that one right away.

I know some of you want may want to take a peek at the WIP of the crush, and here is the linkage.  Besides, I wanna get my site stats up.

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  1. PegaZus's Avatar
    Though not an orc, thought you might be interested in the orange goblin I did a while back when first starting out painting:


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