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A Beginning

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He's gotten into Tyrannids, to help promote the Games Workshop club and products at the local gaming store he works for.  He only bought a couple of new figures, as he inherited a fairly large base army from a senior player at the store who was looking to get rid of those Tyrannids. 

He's been lamenting the lack of things we do together, so I decided to begin my own 40K army.  I decided that I like the fluff and look of the Sisters of Battle, so that's what I'm going with.  Hubby picked up a set of Seraphim for me, and I primed them along with a bunch of his "new" Tyrannids. 

I began painting my Seraphim in the colors of the Order of the Bloody Rose - and promptly decided that I didn't like the scheme, and wanted to come up with one of my own.  So, a couple of treatments with Oven-Off and a toothbrush, and they're almost ready to be re-primed.  I'm waiting for a set of dental picks to arrive in the mail before I do so, though.  There are some crevices and niches that the toothbrush just couldn't get into.

Our tax refund has since arrived - quite a nice one, since I was able to claim our first child on 2007 tax return.  Yay!  So, hubby and I decided to splurge a little. 

I ordered a set of Seraphim, two Battle Squads, St. Celestine, a Canonness, and a set of Repentia.  I also decided to go all-in and purchase the Games Workshop Mega Paint Set, since we really didn't own any paints at all, AND I've got that Bretonnian army in the basement.  Hubby selected a couple of elite Tyrannids, but that was it, and while shaking his head at the cost of my figures.

Our order arrived a couple of days ago.  I'd not touched my minis until tonight, as I hadn't decided on a color scheme.  I had a brief burst of inspiration, so I pulled out the figures and started cleaning all of the flash.  I got through about 15 figures before my eyes decided to rebel and stop focusing.

They're now washed and waiting for priming.  I'm not touching my army figures until I've done a couple of trial paint runs on some Ork figures we've had laying around.  I really don't want to go through the whole process of stripping and re-priming all over again.

I'll probably have to wash them again, as I realized that I couldn't find my mini files.  They're probably in the basement with the Bretonnian army, but digging them out is so much effort.  I'm now waiting for a set to arrive in the mail.  Sure, I could have gone across the street and purchased a set, but I'd have spent more that way, even with shipping included. 

So, I'm going to forge ahead and prime the Orks, but only the Orks.  That way I can satisfy my painting urge and test this color scheme - which I won't detail for the moment.  I have this feeling that if I type it out, I'll think it'll look stupid, and spend another week debating the scheme once again. 

With any luck, I won't get completely frustrated by my novice painting attempts.  I've looked all over the 'net and seen amazing Golden Daemon-worthy minis.  Obviously, I'd love to get to this level of skill one day.  It's just going to take lots of practice.  So, for now, I'll settle for getting my Sisters to a high gaming standard.

Well, it's late, and I've got an eleven week old infant who likes to be up at six o'clock in the morning.

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