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Starting to Paint! 7.13.08

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The pre-paint building is complete. The painting of this project will be done by my buddy Sol and myself. Sol started by spraying each area with Citadel Roughcoat. This give the surface a slight texture. It works great on this project because it helps to unify the texture of all the differnt typs of matterials I used. Plus being a Chaos Titan we didnt want it to have perfectly smooth areas. Next the areas are bieng sprayed with black primer. The only paint that has been applied is a liberal drybrush of Boltgun Metal on the back of the legs and the feet.


I did choose Legio Mortis "Death's Head" as the Titan Legion, so the colors will be black with red trim and silver details.

In some of the detail photos you can see that all four weapons can be removed and and replaced if we want to change the configuration. Also you might notice the open spaces in the center of the top-front carapace. These will house mini speakers that can be attatched to an I-pod and play some sound effects and scary Dirge that i have being mixed up. The back opens up to hold the I-pod. Other post-paint building includes LEDs for the eyes and the Volcano Cannon.

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