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Finding Cheap Ways to Do Things

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After thinking about things for a while, needing to find a way for me to create a handle for my minis, I "tripped" over the idea of using binder clips.  I was trying to think of items that I can easily obtain at a reasonable price, and since I work in an office supply store, they seemed to make sense.  All of my figures have the slot bases, so it's even more convenient.

I had to come up with a way to set up the Seraphim jet packs for priming/painting, so asked for tips on the forums.  miniDrake suggested drilling holes in each one to insert paperclips that would then poke into a cork.  Great idea.. I just don't think I'm capable of that much control with a power tool.

However, upon examining the jet packs, I realized that the little hole provided for the addition of the Seraphim themselves is about the diameter of the arm of a Q-Tip.  So, I cut the fuzzy ends off, glued one end into that hole, and voila! a ready to handle set of jetpacks. 

Now, hopefully, I'll get the rest of my tools, and I can start painting soon.  I am back to the drawing board as far as my color scheme is concerned though..  I did come across a "happy accident" though.  I got irritated with my test orks, and painted a layer of GW Terracotta over GW Liche Purple, and I really like the depth that the new color has.  It's close to GW Scab Red, but with a richer undertone.  Thin the paints down and apply a couple more layers, and I might be really happy with this combination for leather later on down the line.  I'll have to keep this in mind when I start working on my Bretonnians - plenty of leather there.

Though, now that I look at the test Ork..  The colors I chose for my armor aren't that bad.  Properly thinned down, they could work.  I was taking a base of GW Catachan Green, and blending to a final highlight of GW Bleached Bone with just a touch of the Green added in.  My goal is to have the Catachan Green in the shadowed areas - not completely pure, because of how light I want the highlights to be.

 I think my problem was that when I opened my brand new pot of Catachan Green, it was chunky, and in desperate need of moisture.  The layers I applied have a distinctly chalky look due to the first layers being from the undiluted Green.  I'll have to get some pipettes and keep notes on what I proportions of paints and water I use to get my colors. 

Too bad GW seems to be in it to rob hobbyists blind, since they're still using the flip-top paint pots.  Now, I'm starting to wish I'd gone with something like Vallejo, for the squeeze bottles.  Ah, well.  Live and learn.  Plenty of time for me to move on to bigger and better things once my painting skill is up to my own standards.

I'd like to get to a more maroon shade for my Sisters fabrics..  Hmm.. I'll have to play with mixing GW Scab Red, GW Liche Purple, and GW Chaos Black tomorrow while the sun's out to see if it comes out the way I think it will.

Well, that's my project for tomorrow!  Time to put little Zebediah to bed, and start getting myself ready to hit the hay as well.

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  1. No Such Agency's Avatar
    Yes, the binder clips thing does work well. I use "poster putty" to stick the clip to an old paint bottle. If the feet are pinned instead, you can glue the pins into a cork.

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