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Lo, the Search Hath Ended..

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I've been wanting my Bretonnians for a couple of weeks now, so that I can practice my panting while I wait for my mini files to arrive.

I'd gone through most of the stuff in the extra room/nursery.  Nope.

Hubby and I dug through the storage space allotted to us in the basement..  Not there.

After that, hubby had a flash of inspiration and headed back into the nursery.  Five minutes later, he emerged with a storage bag containing all the sprues from my starter Bretonnian Army.  Great!  Now, why couldn't he do that two weeks ago when I started looking for them?

Ah, well.  Water under the bridge, and all that.  Now, I can put together a few of those figures, and start priming.  I'll start off with a couple of the simpler men-at-arms figures.  I won't feel so bad if I don't like the effect and have to strip and re-paint.  Not to mention the fewer nooks and crannies to have to scrub paint out of!

Speaking of my Bretonnian minis.. I pulled my Fay Enchantress and Green Knight out.  Metal figures, both of them.  No big deal.  I, perhaps foolishly, decided to fit the minis together and see what there was to be seen.

Dear God..

The Green Knight's horse comes in two halves.  The phrase, "..and ne'er the twain shall meet" comes to mind.  There's a gap of at least 1mm around 90% of the "joining". 

The Fay Enchantress is such a dirty casting.. Very rough, and pits everywhere.  Certain portions of her don't carry any of the details shown by the photo on the box, like the oak leaves in the unicorns horn, or the fleur-de-lis on her diadem.

So.. Lots of putty work and clean up ahead for me, when I choose to do these figures.  They'll have to wait, until I'm more confident of my skills with putty.  I am a little irritated though.. For what these figures cost, you'd think a little quality control would be in order on the part of Games Workshop.  I can only hope that their casting process has improved in the three years since I purchased these minis.

Well, I'm off.  Baby needs a diaper change, and I can occupy myself with paints!

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  1. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    File, GS, cure, repeat. Love those multipart metal minis.

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