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Some Tools Have Arrived

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My mini files and Dremel bits arrived today.  I'm quite pleased, as my mini files actually turned out to be jeweler's files, so much smaller and more precise than the mini files I have buried somewhere in this apartment.

So, I spent most of this afternoon cleaning Seraphim and Repentia figures of the remnants of their flash.  Along the way, I managed to break the whip of the Repentia Mistress.  Not a big deal really.. I can either try to pin the two pieces together once my pin vise arrives, or mold a new whip out of Green Stuff, once I get that.  The Green Stuff happens to be a necessity now.  As I was working on the Repentia, I discovered that four of them have pits in their loin cloths. 

OK, so the Green Stuff is a necessity as far as my anal-retentiveness is concerned.  I just can't convince myself to ignore the pits.  Now that I know they're there, the pits will just get larger in my mind's eye.

For right now, I've got 11 minis ready to prime, along with 5 jet packs.  I have five more jet packs to clean of flash, and they'll all be ready to go.  I'll probably do that tomorrow morning, so that I can spend the afternoon while hubby is at work painting.

So that's it.  My progress for today.  Woohoo.  Somehow I feel like I could be working faster.  At the same time, I know I need to be take my time and make sure I'm happy with each stage of the process.  If I don't, I'll get pissed off at myself and give up.  At this point, I officially have too much invested in this to do that. 

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