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Started Painting Today

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If I could take a decent picture today, I'd photograph my first effort at a skin tone.  I don't like it - very flat and uninteresting.  No life to it at all.

Oh, well.  I picked up a second mini after reading a short "how-to" on painting skin.  I've got a base coat on it, and will start building up from there.  Hopefully, I'll end up with something a little more "alive" even though these are the Repentia figures. 

I discovered several things as I painted today:

1.)  I must keep a glass of clean water for drinking on my desk at all times.  I can't tell you how many times I reached for my rinse water unintentionally.  I didn't drink it, but it's most likely only a matter of time.

2.)  I dislike my Games Workshop brushes.  I really like my Plaid brushes.

3.)  I especially like my Plaid Round 0, which already has a slight bend to the tip.  BendyBrushTM to the rescue!

4.)  Less is definately more.  I kept trying to get less and less paint on my bristles, until I was dipping just the barest tip in, and still wiping excess off.

5.)  I should get myself an apron, or keep a towel in my lap.  I won't have a non-painted pair of pants otherwise.. My jeans worked so much better than the paper towelling for wiping excess rinse water off my brush. (Mainly because I'm lazy.)

Bah.. There's more, I'm sure, but it's after 1:00 AM.  I have the base coats on three Repentia - I have to be up in five hours to feed the baby.  I'm going to bed.

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  1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    "I have the base coats on three Repentia".
    Painting large amounts of Flesh like the "Naughty Nuns" is hard work, for a full squad you'll find that Drybrushing, followed by Glazes & Washes is a boon. Remember that for Gaming they DON@T have to win a Golden Deamon , but it sure looks nice anyhow. :D

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