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Puppy Training

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This is the new pup, Ollie.

I have a new puppy.  His name is Ollivander.  He pees every thirty minutes (thats a little extreme but it is often).  I am so frustrated with him.  He is cute lovable and has a great doggie personality.  He seems to be broken of taking a dump where he will, but the the pissing in the dining room is getting to me.  Nothing I do seems to work.

My wife asks me if I spank him when I catch him, and I say "No, I just admonish him sternly."  Well, my wife the nicest, shyest, meekest person ever tells me I gotta spank him.  One of the reasons I don't is that he (I think) was abused.  The few times he has gotten a disciplinary pop on the nose, he runs away yelping and that breaks my heart.  I know, I am a big wuss.

Its important to realize we have had him only two weeks or so and he is only about 8 weeks old.  He was found in a ditch and was not in good health.  A friend of my sister's found him and took him in.  As she already had 9 (yes, 9) dogs they really couldn't have one more.  She thought of me because I lost my dog Stormy to bone cancer last November.  Stormy was my best friend.  She stumbled into my life as a dehydrated puupy at a flea market, and she saved my life.  When she died, I was devastated.

I waited and waited.  I was looking for a dog to fall into my lap like she did.  And lo and behold here comes Ollie.  He has so many of the characteristics that stormy had yet he is still his own dog.  I look forward to when he grows up and doesn't pee all over the house anymore.  I suppose the good news is he only goes in the dining room on the hardwood and not on the carpet.

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  1. wiccanpony's Avatar
    LOL...... all puppies seem to have tea cup bladders and if his Vet says Ollie is healthy then it’s just a matter of time and training.

    The pup will need to “tinkle” right after eating, and I found with my dogs that letting them out every hour until the idea of peeing outdoors is fixed in their mind.

    When I’m out for a few hours I put them in the bathroom with a puppy gate up, easier to clean in case of an accident. Also try making the task pleasant for the little guy, when he pees outside reward him with a treat.

    When cleaning the mess in the dinning room wipe the spot with a rag dampen with vinegar to break up the smell, because dogs like to wee in the same area thinking it’s their personal bathroom.

    8 weeks.....he’s just a baby

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