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Great Stag conversion

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Had a really fun time the last week or so converting up this new Wood Elf character. I bulked out a Dark Pegasus with a pile of greenstuff, and gave him a massive rack of antlers made out of Dryad branches and many many pins. If you look carefully, he even has the boy parts alluded to in previous posts :-)





The "rider" is attached to the base with several magnets, so he can clip onto a regular sized base if the mount dies, or even if I just want to include him in an army without the Stag. Overall I'm very pleased with the conversion, it involved far more extensive greenstuff work than I've done in ages, and the character will certainly stand out in the army because of it!

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Nice rack, Jericho. :-D

    Although not in my initial 2000 pts army list, I would like to include a hero on great stag at some point, maybe in larger battles. I know many people think the GW one isn't all that great, hence the name "War Cow", so it's nice to see an alternative version.

    I'm also still trying to decide on what to do about a treeman. I don't really like the GW one (or the Treekin), although some conversions have looked quite good.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    I hate the GW Treeman... it looks so gimpy. The Treekin are way better, even though they look like they were done by the same sculptor. Oh well. I actually like the official Stag, but it's the rider I didn't like. I had these bitz lying around for ages, so it spared me a ton of cash buying a model I was gonna hack up anyway. Glad you like the conversion, hope to paint it up soon.
  3. blackfly's Avatar
    Nice work Jericho. I'm not personally convinced by the body parts on the antlers. . .aexthetically I think it'd be better with out them, but thats just me. ;) I've never read the fluff. Looks like tight conversion work, and I like the GS fur!
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    The antlers were a bit of a compromise... the other side was way easier but I had a hard time finding parts that fit together so I ended up using the skeleton bit to take some attention away from the shape of the antler itself :D Sneaky but hopefully it works, lol

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