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Take Two - My GF Rocks -

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Ok, so yesterday I go to the LGS - I pick up an Iron Man graphic novel, From Hell (cause you can never have too many Alan Moore comics) and a whole bunch of Reaper Minis (some at 71% off - got to love inventory reduction sales plus good dice rolls).  So I'm sitting in my chair reading Iron Man when the GF calls from the other LGS in town - to tell me she's snagged some more Orks for the Horde - on sale.  So she got me a Nob in 'Eavy Armor, a Slaver, and a Wierdboy.  So, the Mob Grows. I may have to take a picture of the mass at some point.


Work is well work - they shifted me to a later schedule so I can cover both ends of the account.  Back to Cell Phone Hell.  Oh well, things may be changeing there as well. 

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