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Wood Elf campaign update

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Been a while since I mentioned the campaign specifically. I am happy to say that the Woodies have improved to 7-2. Additionally I claim a moral draw for one game against Dwarfs, since it would've been a draw instead of minor loss if we were using the correct bolt thrower rules (ie. not sniping my battle standard bearer). At any rate, I'm now one game away from potentially reclaiming first place in the campaign. I briefly held it, ie. for half a day on week two before I lost both games that week.

So anyway the newest victims are the High Elves (again), and Tom's Savage Orcs which I have been fearing for a very long time now. I uploaded a pic of the aftermath of the Orc game... technically a massacre for me, but it's worth noting that only 3 models were alive at the end of the game (which was 1300 pts per side, +10% because in the campaign we've got heaps of gold). All hail the mighty Treekin :-) They took two charges from Savage Orcs and one charge from Savage Orc Big'un Boarboyz, and lived to tell the tale. They stole the show yet again, shrugging off disgusting amounts of attacks and tearing apart whatever got in their way. I love this unit!


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