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NMM is kicking my butt

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I love the way its working so far but my god, its work intensive.  I am a slow painter anyway but dayum.  The worst part is I am looking at the models I have primed or in some form of WIP, and wow, I need to stop assembling and start painting. 

I have something like 2500 (possibly more) points of black templars in various states of primage and paintage.  This of course doesnt count anything I haven't assembled yet, though they may go to my Imperial Torches chapter that goes with my DH army.  I would need to take a month off and work it like a double shift daily job to get all these done.  The worst part is I am thinking about going to GD Atlanta and GD Baltimore next year with some stuff I have still shrink wrapped on the shelf. 

I guess I am just in a fairly negative, rambling mood.

I am really looking forward to ME13.  I have a all the stuff I am sending ready, I just need an address.  There is a comic/games store that carries all kinds of OOP stuff, so whomever is the recipient is going to get some cool minis.

I bought a ton of stuff from the BWBits storefront before they closed.  If you have seen the what does your workspace thread you know what I mean.  I have all this stuff and no time these days, and its only going to get worse over the next few months.  In fact here is the pic:

There is a whole Eldar Army in there still in boxes.  I need to run what I have through Army Builder (cool program BTW) and see how many points are there.  I am set for like two years at least. 

But of course, there is the fact that I am a compulsive mini shopper too.  I can't help myself.  It kinda sucks.  But my wife knows what to get me for any occassion.  I love minis.  I can't believe I was away from the hobby for so long, and I was never very good at it.  Say what you want about GW, but I found their store in Richmond, VA,about a year ago and I was re-hooked like a fish that already knows what this inside of the boat looks like.

Now I am here and the folks in the forums and the talented artists throughout the community are some of the best folks I have ever met in a digital community.  I have improved immensly since joining CMON, and its only going to get better for me.

Wow, I am so glad I managed to write myself into a better mood!

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