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Big Thumbs

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Was drilling a figure the other day and drill bit snapped and sunk into my thumb. No major damage just stung a little bit when put any pressure on it for about half an hour. This meant my thumb was pretty useless for that time.

Which got me thinking about evolution and mile stones which have had a massive effect, and I figured possibly the most important was the opposable thumb (if we didn't have them we would be as useless as cats, which are pretty useless to be honest).
But I never realised how much I needed them in daily life until I couldn't use it. So I decided to do a few experiments without using my thumbs (I just held them out of the way). Such as:
    Washing the dishes
    Using the computer
    Using an iPod
    And, paying a shopkeeper (quite embarrassing as I had to scoop the money out of my pocket and tip into into his hand)

So after these few hours of uselessness (I was beginning to feel like at cat at that point) I gave up, but then started thinking about what types of evolution would come next. And I reckon that with all the types of things that are now thumb reliant i.e. mp3 players, T.V. remotes, mobile phones etc... That thumbs are going to get stronger and more dominant leaving the fingers upset because they aren't used for pointing any more.

Big Thumb

Any way thats what I reckon. I would also like wings as well, but thats more due to the fact that I hate public transport.

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  1. DaN's Avatar
    I, for one, miss swinging from tree from my tail.

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