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Chunky Wedges Rant...

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O.K so I am annoyed. I'v been bottling this up for to long, and now I have to just let it all out.

I HATE McCains potatoe wedges with extra chunk.

It's not necassary, what was wrong with just normal sized ones. And to top it off I cannot choose which ones to buy as they have discontinued the regular chuck wedges.

Now I love my wedges, coupled with some fish fingers or chicken nuggets they are fantastic. (And before you say I eat like a four year old, think to yourself that really is a great meal, you know I am right.)

So over time I have PERFECTED the cooking time for multiple wedgie meals (with the other parts of the meal being the variables) and I could get a perfectly cooked meal by being bang on time. (All hell broke loose when I got a new oven.)

But extra chuck means extra cooking time. And, dare I say it, there is a fine line between nicely done fish fingers and over done fish fingers. (Trust me, dad's should know.) So now I either have burnt fish fingers and nicely done wedges, or undercooked wedges and nicely done fish fingers.


So now I have to juggle times about in my head trying to get the perfect meal (and thats not putting a garlic bread into the mix, even more timing perfection gone to pot).


P.S...Over 240 people have looked at my ramblings, people at speakers corner should go digital.

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