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my lack of painting

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I've haven't had much time to paint much recently, but I certainly have been working on miniatures of late.  This January I accepted a job as a game designer for the D&D Miniatures game at Wizards of the Coast, so the last few months have been a real wild ride.  It's been absolutely fantastic!

Unfortunately, it also involved a cross country move to Seattle, so I left Madison (my home for the past 15 years, almost half my life!) and it's quite a dramatic life change.  (But a good one!)  I've also had to move to a smaller location, and I just don't have the room anymore -- about half the square footage I used to have.  No sculpting area at home anymore, but now I have my fingers in 60 sculpts or so at a time.

My work won't affect the line until figures due out next year (maybe some for the set this November) but I'm certainly excited for this new life!

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  1. john's Avatar
    Well at least there are places with minis in the Seattle area and some people that did like to get together but kind of fell apart due to time constraints. You might see if you can hook up with somebody from the Seattle Area Painters Yahoo Group if you enjoy painting with others.

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