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Imperial Guard KriegAUCTION Summer Scheme

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Hi There!!!
Here you have my second Kriegg miniature. Those guys are amazing!! I strongly feel I will buy some commisar soon ;-)
For this one I tryed to paint his robe with a really important light over him so in photos it seems sobreexpose but it is real






Comments are more than welcome!!

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Interesting Red. May I ask how it was done? Small (and irrelevant) comment: I would avoid putting lush greenery on the base with Kriegg soldier. According to the background they are from the world that underwent about a century of massive atomic bombardment and they tend to fight on similar theaters. Still looks great

    PS. Commissars are amazing, and their general is even better
  2. Deucalion's Avatar
    Thanks for your message Skeeve!! The red was done from red gore with a bit of chocolate brown shadowing until black and firstly highlighting with bronzed flesh and the with grey space wolves. About the forest, I didn´t know Kriegs were from those worlds...however I like the forest hahaha I will paint one commissar for sure :-) see ya
  3. Andi's Avatar
    Hello mate, first things first, those Death Korps guys are unbelievable, keep up the amazing work. But what i really wanted to ask is how did you paint the brown colour on thier gas masks? It's absolutely awesome!! Id love to have my guys masks look like that.
  4. Deucalion's Avatar
    Thaaank you Andi :-) About the leather, it has been painted with a scorched brown basecoat highlights with bestial brown, bronzed flesh and then with white. I think I added some orange but I can remember... Shadows just adding black and green as complementary color :-)

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