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Just read a news story about bra’s that have been created with solar panels and they have enough surface area to power an iPod or mobile phone. I think this is an absolutely top idea, I can’t remember how many times I have left the house and realised that I can’t listen to any music because my iPod is dead.
And it surely beats listening to whining little shites on the metro.

I’m also covered in midge bites after spending a long weekend in Keswick. It’s a great place to go camping, especially in good weather. Sitting on the pier watching the sunset in total silence is something that I’d never be able to do here in Newcastle. Finding a pier in Wallsend would be a pretty hard task as well.
(Some pictures from my trip here: )

And I have been reading 1984 that I got out from the library. I read a big section on NewSpeak, which got me thinking about how we communicate now with the internet and mobile phones. In short, NewSpeak (if you haven’t read the book) is a way of communicating using cut down words and phrases, which means that thousands of words become unneeded and speech ambiguity is reduced. E.g. the opposite to good could be bad, but because bad can be used in other terms you then use ungood, a perfect opposite for good. Then you also get plusgood and doubleplusgood. And by the time NewSpeak is fully rolled out and the OldSpeak generations have passed on expression via word play won’t exist, as every word or phrase will have one, definate meaning.
So, I noticed how people have started using cut down words and abbreviations in texting and internet posting and coupled with the fact that things like sarcasm and irony is hard to convey in a typed post, I was just wondering if we are starting to slide towards our own NewSpeak.
And some countries exam boards have started allowing written answers in ‘text speak’.
Of course now I can’t remember my original point...but that took a short while to type out and I don’t have the heart to delete it, but I suppose I kind of made a point.

Also had to stick my Demon model on eBay again just to try and get some cash. Laura has been over in Spain now for over 2 month, and I’d love to go see her, but I can barely afford the metro fare to town never mind a plane ticket to the South of Spain.
A link to the auction here:

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