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My day.

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It’s been about 2 month since my last blog post, how time flies...

Had a weird day today. I feel like I have done loads and loads of things, but I haven’t really done that much.
I can’t even be bothered to send a few emails that I need to send now, I’ll just do it tomorrow. Write this post instead, even though it would probably be better to do it the other way round...priorities and all that.

Woken up by my dad asking me if I wanted a bacon and mushroom butty from the cafe. Too right, the little woman who runs it makes a proper class butty, cuts the fat off the bacon for me and makes it dead crispy. Was weird my dad buying it though, as he tends to distance himself from meat as he is a vegetarian. He won’t even go in the butchers because of the smell of meat. And he is scared of fish, even dead ones, has a proper phobia. I love fish. Not alive mind you, but I would be in my element working in a fishery, used to love working with the fishes at the chippy.
I did apply for Chirton Fisheries in Wallsend a while back but I never heard back from them, didn’t even get a refusal letter, which is just rude in my opinion. Though I’v never seen a man working there, so I reckon I probably didn’t get picked due to sexism. Plus the woman who work there are well hard, they have anchor and bulldog tattoos, I’d probably just get beaten about.

Then went to pick up a parcel from the sorting office because I wasn’t up when the postie tried to deliver it the first time, it annoys me because it is an hour and a half round trip just to get my post. I can pay 50p to get it redelivered, but I’d rather walk.
On the metro on the way there was an advert for flights from Newcastle to Australia, with a photo of the bridge in Sydney which is almost identical to the Tyne Bridge. The caption said something like “Cheap flights to a far away land which is strangely familiar”, now I don’t see a point in flying for 20hrs or something to go to somewhere familiar. I might as well just go down the the quayside on a sunny day with a can of Fosters.

I also need to ring Laura as I haven’t for about 4 days now but my phone died 2 days ago and I can’t find the charger because my room is being decorated (gloss paint stinks.) She will go mental when I do ring. I hate how women always seem to need instant replies to phone calls and messages, I tend to just do it in my own time, which is usually a day or two. I’d never be a good business leader, i’d keep forgetting to get back to people about multimillion pound deals.

Had a wander to the library for a potter about and decided to borrow 1984. I read it years ago when i was a kid but most of it went straight over my head. I watched the film a while ago and I have always wanted to read it again. I’d hate to be in room 101. I reckon the women who work at the fishy would be waiting in there for me, well scary those women.

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  1. Ian's Avatar
    Hehe good read. I liked the observations on women and travel.

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