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Now Switching to Lurker Mode

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The summer months in Minnesota are a precious thing. No, it's not quite like northern Alaska with 6 months of night or anything, it's just that when the weather gets above freezing, we tend to get outside and enjoy it. This winter has been a long one, which has been good on the modeling/painting side, but hard on the psyche. The calendar say June but it feels like we've barely made it into April.

Soooo, with the warmer weather finally getting here the hobby stuff gets pushed aside in favor of things like sunlight, grilling, swimming (outdoors) and yardwork. So far we've installed a stone firepit and a large storage shed so we can reclaim the extra stall in the garage. New flowers and trees have been planted to replace the ones that didn't survive the winter (much like some people I know...) We've got a full slate of projects left - a patio, a grad party for our newest graduate, and a family vacation, a couple more trees...

What does all this mean? It means I'll be here, lurking about, but not as active on posting progress on the Battlewagon or Bikers. I still have until Aug. 23rd to get everything done for the next tournament (crosses fingers).

Oh yeah, did I mention that D&D 4th Edition is coming out and I've got to study for that? I'm almost as stoked for that as I am the 5th Edition ruleset for 40K.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. supervike's Avatar
    I agree, being your southern neighbor (iowa) I know how long and tough this winter was. Spring never even seemed to happen, and now we are dealing with severe weather and flooding....but even with all that, it's nice to just be able to go outside without layers. Great blog by the way!!

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