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Zomg I think I'm in trouble!

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It just dawned on me that I am leaving for Games Day in 9 days. I still haven't started my 40k Single entry (my "main" entry), and I haven't quite sorted which of my many many many almost finished painted minis to enter in the other categories. I have a ton of painting to do, I should really put away the gaming figs for a while!

Lol I'm really good at keeping track of time aren't I? :-D

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    So you are coming to Baltimore! Are you going to bring your wood Elf Dragon? I think you should, it looked amazing. As for a time tracking.. I am finishing my fantasy single entry... god I wish I caught flu or something (mild) so I can call a sick day or five :) Temperature outside doesn't help either
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Games Day Toronto actually :-D It's a week after Baltimore. Apparently Robin (emopainterguy) can't afford the trip down anymore, which sucks. I was under the impression he was still coming with us.
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    I should've finished reading your post, bringing the Dragon would be a good idea for Fantasy Large Scale. I'm never gonna get my Stag or Unicorn riders done in time. I have no idea how I'd pack it up for transport though, the thing is huge obviously.

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