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Games Day rocked my socks off

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Hey guys, I'll be home tonight so I can post some pics and stuff later. But for now, I'll just say how much fun I had in Toronto, and at Games Day. Met some cool people, got some cool swag, had an awesome visit with my old friend Jay Griffiths (head of retail Canada), and walked away with 4 trophies.

The Ork got gold in 40k single, which I was amazed to learn. That was one tough category, with 13 extremely solid finalists. Some great models didn't see the podium. Arwen, my Warrior Priest (with newly added snow flock), and my Master of the Fleet (with repainted company badge on his shoulder) all took bronze trophies in LoTR single, Fantasy single, and Open category.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip such fun, the GD organizers, Tom's sister who I stayed with, vincenti for some awesome advice and feedback on the ork. I'll definitely be back!

I almost forgot! Tom's IW Dreadnought took home gold in 40k Large! Not bad for a guy whose models get overlooked in local contests. I think having more experienced judges made all the difference... models without capes covered in freehand can win awards too!

Some times the small comps seem to have a check list for winners. NMM? Check. Cape with some attempt at a mural? Check. Freehand where there doesn't need to be freehand? We have a winner! Clearly there's more to painting a model than this, so well done Tom and thanks for sticking to your guns when a lot of people weren't giving you the credit you deserve.



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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Congratulations on your demons!

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