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hello? is this thing on?

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Hello? Is this thing on?

Okay, so this is a noob's first attempt at making some kind of sense out of this blog thing.

I've been painting figures (oops, sorry - they're called minis now) for nearly as long as I've been playing D and D. It was called Chainmail then.  (1975) Yes, it rather dates me, but I don't give a monkey's armpit about opinions on that subject, and it is not up for discussion. (My son says I was there when dirt was a prototype. No, I was on the test team though.)

What I will be posting here on CMON will be some of my older bits, as well as wip's. MOst of my pieces are old Ral Parthas, with some others thrown in from unidentifiable sources (It was 1977, and mind altering substances may have been involved. But this is also not a subject for discussion here...)

I hope to improve my techniques, and make some friends here.

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