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I've been playing warmachine for about 3-4 months now and i started with Cygnar but i'll be running another journeyman slow grow league for the community here in Dubai in March and i'll be testing out my favourite faction, Cryx.


The models for my battle group will be:

Venethrax - 6 JP

Deathjack - 12

Bloodgorgers - 5

General Gerlak Slaughterborn - 3

Malice - 9

Wraith Engine - 9


Now i have 3 more points to play with for the league but not completely decided on what to get yet, I'm tempted to try a necrotech and a Skarlock OR a necrotech and a warwitch siren. Any advice would be helpful  but i'll beplay testing this force before the league too. You never know i may change my mind. 

Anyway onto the bits you guys are interested in, the painting. So far i've only done the base coat of metal and black wash on the deathjack, but i've also done an armour plate area to get the colour down to how i want it to be.

Deathjack - WIP 01

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