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ME13 and Filigree

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Well Mini Exchange 13 has arrived and its my first.  I suppose I technically should have been flagged, but I am pretty active on the forums so I guess that was overlooked (and is appreciated).  But… I drew a flagged guy who shall remain nameless.  I hope he is legit, as I really don’t want anyone to get skipped.  Unfortunately, he has only one post (his sign up to the ME) and no posted pics, though I only have 2 ATM myself.  I could add more but I don’t want to scare anyone with how bad they are.  I am just hoping that all goes well.  I have really been looking forward to this.

In other news, I tried Scibor’s non-computer modeled tutorial on making filigree from his site ( for conversions and my first one turned out okay, I will hope to have some pics up on my WIP thread in the forums soon.  I say “the first one” even though I made several molds beforehand, but I only actually only used the one since the others were just practice.  I have a couple others in process and will wait till they are done to post pics. 

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  1. No Such Agency's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry, I don't think a flagged participant has ever shirked out yet. I don't even know if there was ever a non-sending incident at all or if misterjustin is just being cautious.
  2. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    Good call NSA. Heard from him today and he says he will be sending ont he 22nd. ALl I need then is the go ahead from Lahatiel and all is good to go.

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