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Back on the Squiggoth - Lootas!

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Now that summer's winding down, the hobby mill picks up. I'm working on two projects now. One large and one small. The large one is a Stompa for Red Jack's Waaagh! and like the battlewagon, I'll be tracking that on a WIP log in the WIP and Projects log HERE

The other is of smaller ilk and it's a dozen lootas, I'll track/blog this one here. This is a mismatched set - I purchased  the Lootas weapons and arms off ebay (spares from the lootas/burna kit) and paired them with a regular set of boys. I know the heads are somewhat different but I got a deal on 'em and can live with that.

I've primed the bodies white (as usual for me) and the weapons black, mostly because of theamount of metal to paint - that makes the task of blocking out the colored areas no easier. There is sooooo much detail on the bad boyz (heh), like the trukk, that I'm almost overwhelmed. If I was doing one or two I would be very carefull and do many subtle things but there's twelve and I won't use them every game so I'll do some things to make them easier.

The main color will me red and metallics. I was inspired buy some pics I saw, probably here on CMON. I'm blocking out with GW Foundation Mechrite Red - and it's taking forever, and I 'm not even being that fussy! AGain, so much detail. I'll let the black/dirt/grime washes bring out most of that detail. Here's where they're at now.



Ork Lootas Begining Mechrite Red 


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