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Space Wolf Army

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So i thought i post up some pics of my space wolf army, i painted them about 2-3 years ago now and they're in pretty good condition altho i will be repainting some, tidy up the paint job and give them more detail


Well my army consists of:

3 dreadnoughts

1 (15man) bloodclaw pack - 1 isnt painted

4 (6man) grey hunterpacks - 1 pack isnt painted

1 (5man) longfang pack - 2 arent painted

1 (11 man) terminators - 6 arent painted

which is alot of models but im awaiting the new space wolf codex which should hopefully be released in 2009 sometime. So thats why i've put them on hold, i want to add some buggies to the lot and another longfang pack.




grey hunters 1

greyhunters 2

greyhunters 03

dreadnought 01

dreadnought 02

 venerable dreadnought 01

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  1. Michael's Avatar
    Hey, I'm just startingout making a space wolvs army. where do you find all the acess. like wolf pelts and etc. to add to your figures?..

    great work by the way!

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