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GW Washes and Thrift Store finds.

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I finally picked up a couple of the new GW washes - Devlan Mud, Badab Black, Baal Red and Gryphonne Sepia. I decided to test them out on some of the Deff Guns, since there's so many of them I could do a side by side comparison. I had already done a few up to the final highlight (Fiery Orange and a spot of white on the highest spots) and thought to see what it did to ones that were already done up. The others simply had the reds done up through Blood Red.

I didn't do any scientific mixing or measuring for this. I dipped my brush into the pot then dipped it into some water, then spread it around on my paint pallet until it "looked" right. It's a bit thick and dark straight out of the pot.

First up is the Devlan Mud.

Lootas GW wash

The gun on the cup has the wash, the gun on the bench is unwashed. This is a set that already had the highlighting done. It definitely blends the reds together and for the most part leaves the highlight intact, not dulling it down too much. My only concern is that is isn't dirty/dark enough in the lower areas and crevices to create a high enough contrast for me. I'm nothing if not for contrast! Verdict: It's alright for subtle but not for this application.

The second one is with the Badab Black.

Lotoasa Deff Guns Washed GW

Here I've got three guns worked up. The final highlighted (no wash) on the bottom and on top - the left one is only the reds done with a wash of the Badab Black and the on on the right is highlighted, then washed with the black.

Here's where I learned something useful. Looking at the washed gun on the right, this one washed highlighted, then washed.  The black wash almost completely wiped out the lighter, brighter Blood Red. This led to the orange/white highlight having a very abrupt cutoff and looks just bad. The photo doesn't really show how garish this transition was but trust me, it wasn't good.

The un-highlighted piece was pretty much exactly as I would have wished it. (upper left) It settled itself down into the cracks with almost no tide pools and didn't deepen the colors on the high spots too much. I am currently going over it again with Blood Red to smooth the transition to the orange/white highlights. I'll post picks of them when the red parts are done, before starting the metals.

Thrift Store Treasures
My wife and I are junk store junkies - you never know what's gonna show up there. Most days it's nothing but horrible trips down memory lane and worthless junk, but some days... ah some days can be truly magical. My wife shops for dishes and I shop for toys. Today was a magical toy day for me. I found this...

Skullhamma Toy Tank
Skullhammer Toy

I always look for toys that could be orkified and found a few over the years but something to use as a Skullhamma tank has always eluded me. I don't have the money to spend on the GW or Forgeworld one and I'm patient enough to wait and it finally paid off.

Cost me $5 and it's zoggin' 'uge! I've posed it by some others for scale. It's bigger than my battlewagon so it will definately look right on the table. Now I just need to get some card stock and start cuttin! I'll be tracking this one under the WIP forum thread when I get going on it.

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  1. uberdark's Avatar
    its always nice to see your stuff....i have recently gotten into da orks and the red theme you use and techniques have become very valuable for me. i'll have to put up my own stuff when i get my first 40 boyz done.

    rock on


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