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A Dozen Deff Guns

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Got some time in on the deffguns this weekend and took a couple shots along the way. Tedious but worth it in the end, the details on ALL of the new or k models are astounding. Here's da lads noise makers with the red finished and the metals started.

 Deff Gunz


And a groups shot with all the metals finished.

Lotoas Deff Guns - nearly done.

Here's a four-up showing more details of each gun type. At this point, all the red and metals are dine - I'm going back through and doing the skin and the nall the little details and doodads (and holy cow, there's a lot!). That and a boy for reference.

Deff Guns Bonanza

Lotoa boy 

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  1. Jarrett's Avatar
    Definitely can tell it would be kinda tedious work but the results speak for themselves, they look awesome! Love your Ork work.
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    Looks great but prepare to upgrade it to full strength :)). My son just fielded 20 ppl squad in the battle against Grey knights.. they were absolutely devastating. Somebody said that he was playing "tau-orks".
  3. Jen's Avatar
    Looking great, I love the red color scheme on orks. It makes em go fasta! I just bought a few of these guys myself, great to see how you went about painting them, they are a bit daunting with all those bits :p
  4. Sukigod's Avatar
    I realized today why I paint most of my ork stuff red, I'm scared of painting black! I know it sounds wierd but I'm only recently figuring out how to approach doing blacks. It's how GW does a lot of their stuff, why can't I? I figured out (in my head, anyway) how to get the rust and grease and grime to show on black, I'll be exeprimenting on my new trukk and bikers after the Lootas are done.

    Thanks for all the replies here too! Very nice and encouraging to know people really ARE reading this:)
  5. Jarrett's Avatar
    Definitely - your orks are inspiring. One quick way to paint black is to just lay down a regular black base and highlite with Privateer P3 "Coal Black". It looks nice for a quick highlite.

    I did my deffkoptas that way


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