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It's all in the prep... Lootas

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Finished off the deff guns, as seen here.  A pile-o-deff guns.

Ork Loota Deff Guns

Ed and Ned here don't seem none too happy to be missin' their arms. Finished greenskins green.

Lootas Bodies

I'm trying somethign different this time. I did a complete paint up of the skin since I wanted to blend (I use that term loosely on these) and wash using green ink. Now I'm going to try the new GW washes. I blocked out the rest of the model in the appropriate colors using only the GW Foundation paints and a couple others. The extra paint colors are the metals (which is how I would do this with any wash) and the dark leather parts like the straps.

I painted the pants half and half, Calthan Brown and Tausept Ochre. I wanted to see how each color reacts to the wash. The boots are Mechrite Red. I will be washing using Devlin Mud. This seems to capture both the black I want for shadowing and the browns/reds I want for dirt and grime. This would seem to match closely with my regular mix of Chaos Black and Vermin Brown/Dark Flesh.

All based up and nowhere to go...
GW Foundation paints on Boyz

I ran out of time this weekend - just as I was going to do the wash, I realized I didn't go over the straps with Scorched Brown yet, sooo.......

You'll have to wait until Tues. (or Wed, new Heroes on tonight...) to see how they look. Yes, I'll compare these above shots with the washed ones so everyone can get a good look at what that wash looks like.

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