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GW Washes (Examples!) and Lootas Done

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Got the time last night to test out the GW washes, well, one of them, at least. Devlin Mud will become a very popular wash, I predict.

Here's my testa boyz. In the pictures below (fronts, then backs), the top two are unwashed (heh, aren't all orks?) with two different colored pants. Both are GW Foundation colors, Tausept Ochre, the other Calthan Brown. The bottom is my first wash with the Devlin Mud. I applied this by dipping my brush into the pot, then dipping it in a water cup and "mixing" it on a palette. I thinned it out to what I thought looked right. I don't know how it should look, I was guessing here. It looked a little dark right out of the put so I figured to thin it a bit.

They look alright, although I was expecting it to be more intense/darker in the lower areas. What the heck, I'm testing things out, aren't I? I applied the wash straight from the pot onto the model and lo and behold....

Although, while wet, it looks like it'll wash out all details, it settled itself right down  and played nice.

Here's what it looks like applied on some more boyz.

And, here's a direct comparison of the first wash that was watered down and the full on, straight from the pot application.

And I don't know why, but this brings me to one of my favorite part of painting the boyz (besides sealing)... STITCHES!

I finished basing them last night and I'll be Dulcote-ing them tonight after work - I'll post pics so you can see the difference the Testors spray has on the brightness. Till then, some beauty shots of the completed Lootas Mob. Enjoy!

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