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AoBR Warboss

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Started the new warboss tonight. great model but a bit static so I'm twisting the arm up a bit. Here's where it's at right now... And I think I'm over my greenstuff nervousness, now I just need the experience!


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Painting and Modelling , WH40K


  1. uberdark's Avatar
    i thought you were gonna put him on a warbike? mine is gonna be turned into wazdakka, with the addition of a different head. hope to see what you do with this one.


  2. Sukigod's Avatar
    The other warboss will be turned into Wazzdakka/biker warboss sometime in the future (reminds me of the 15 bikes I need to finish!)
  3. uberdark's Avatar
    me too!!! i have 44 orks done and 5 lootas as well. i still have 15 warbikes, 4 transport wagons, 2 killa kans, wazdakka, looted rhino, 3 deffkoptas, 2 ork fighta's and a squiggoth with a huge rocket shoved up his butt.

    i know the kans and squiggoth arent KoS, but huge rockets shoved into a squigs butt just sounds funny. hehee.

    cant wait to see more. :)

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