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While in a book store...

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I was in my local book purveyor's the other day and I overheard a conversation as I was looking at the art books.  There was a couple the next aisle over talking, and the actual conversation went like this (the names have been changed to protect the moronic):

Jane:  Hey Tyrone here are true crime books.  You would like these, why not read one?

Tyrone (indignant):  Jane, I passed my reading SOL.  I an't got to read no more if I don't wanna.  I ain't gonna read no book less I have to.

There's a pregnant pause from Jane as she mulls this bit of data over...

Jane:  And that, Tyrone is why you are a fucking idiot.

This was hiliarious and made my day.



Note for our Non US folks:  SOL stand for standards of learning, and tyrone happened to pass his in reading, though I suspect he may have had trouble with grammar...

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Do I find this surprising? No, Not really.
    Read all about it :), and situation in UK isn't much better, in many aspects it is worse.


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