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The twisted army of the North...

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Cue the ominous tones, I've finally been converted to the dark side. I'm actually doing an "evil" army for once. Warriors of Tzeentch to be precise. Some Slaaneshi Marauders will play a supporting role, but I want a loaded magic phase, a few heavy hitters, and very little in the way of defense. Should be fun!

I'm currently working on some of the first conversions for the army. Pretty soon I'll get impatient and build the rank and file plastic models from the army. I plan on taking them to the Fracas tournament in Edmonton on February 7th and 8th. Yep, 2k of Chaos Warriors from scratch in 6 weeks. Once again, should be fun!



The Tau inside me lives on, for this Sorceror is in fact modular. Rare earth magnets are holding the steed to the base (so I can pop him onto a 50x50 base and call it a Daemonic Mount if necessary) and his shield is also magnetized. He'll have a big old sword all the time, but the option of shield or staff for the other hand. Shields are very hard items to come by in a Sorceror-heavy list and I need to be able to swap them back and forth between characters from one army list to the next. Enchanted Shield is really the only option, Runeshield is not worth it, so I'm only likely to have one shield in the army at any given time.


Next up is the Chosen of Chaos. These guys are probably a worse unit than Knights (and when ranked and equipped properly they cost way more) but I adore the models, and I vow to make them useful somehow. My plan is to load them up with the Banner of Wrath, Book of Secrets on the Champ, and plunk a Sorceror in the unit to give them a helluva magical punch while they follow behind my faster units.

The unit is being converted to have halberds and shields, which is a way better buy in game terms if you ask me. It does however require much much much more work from a modelling standpoint. I have to cut the weapons in 3 pieces, drill way more than I'd like, and carefully reposition everything while trying to make them still rank up neatly. I'm also sculpting more Tzeentchy details on all of them. So far it's a couple hours per model total. And 10 more to go before the unit's done. Should be fun!

Seriously though, I'm gonna love the look of these models when they're done. The conversions and colors are heavily inspired by (read: stolen from) the Warhammer Online concept art. Check out the pages for the Marauders and the Chosen, and you'll see why I have to steal every single idea they've ever had for my army. It's just necessary.

I'll be airbrushing the armor-heavy models Boltgun Metal, and then using a slightly modified version of the Automaton metallics article to subtly tint the metals blue liek in the artwork. The color pallet will be very dark and drab, but with the insanely vibrant eyes/gems that appear in the artwork. Should pop like noboby's business, and the new Citadel Washes should make it incredibly quick to achieve this look.

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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    Glad you're liking the conversions so far. I tweaked the Sorc a bit since this photo was taken, and the magnetic shield/magic staff are almost done. Both need a bit of work before I call them done.
  2. The Green Man's Avatar
    If you take it to a tournament you'll find you can't put a shield on a sorceror. There is no shield option in the equipment options, and no ordinary shield means no magical shield either. I like the work you've done on the chosen - will look very cool. Take them in units of 10, then they are cheaper than the knights. They won't need the rank bonus!!
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    The page that introduces Chaos Magic states that Sorcerors may use Chaos Armor and Magical shields despite the normal caster rules. They really should have made this more clear, but it's in the book.

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