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Marauders + paint = progress

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It's nice to go from that, to this in a single sitting.





In a strange turn of events, I used white primer for the first time in ages, and then proceeded to paint a very dark and gritty model using the new Citadel Washes. The recipe for the model was simple. Basecoat. Apply a few washes. Reapply basecoat. Apply some final washes. Varnish and photograph.

I'm really excited about how the army will look, and it should be pretty realistic to expect to have it all done in 6 weeks. My current schedule is to finish the army by the 24th of January, which would give me 2 weeks of time to sit back and feel good about myself. The odds are good that I'll be behind schedule at some point, but at least this way I can still suffer a few minor setbacks and still finish with plenty of time to spare.

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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    The metallics were pretty complicated compared to the rest. I used Devlan Mud over Chainmail mostly, followed a mix of Devlan Mud and Asurmen Blue, and some random washes of stuff like purple, green etc. wherever I felt like it. Every couple of layers I would feather on an edge hilight with the Chainmail.

    Re: the skin, it's proving hard to get an accurate photograph. It's a mix of Tallarn Flash, Underbelly Blue and Hammerfall Khaki, with subtle washes of Purple mixed with Ogryn Flesh. It actually looks pretty good in person, but the slight shine of the model is making it really hard to get an accurate shot. He might get a subtle wash later as I tweak the method.

    The flesh will also be fancied up with a bit of tattoos at some point... once I figure out exactly how I'm going to do them. Freehand is not my forte, and I need to come up with designs that will look good and be doable on half the models (about 15 including the Cavalry).

    Thanks for the interest, I'll be trying to get a lot of work done this week before I have to go back to university. Should hopefully have the regiment of Marauders plus maybe some cavalry done in the next few days, I really want to get off on the right foot with this project.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Sorry, I forgot to list the leather. I mixed Liche Purple and P3 Gun Corps Brown for the basecoat, washed with Devlan Mud, Badab Black, Leviathan Purple, and a bit of Asurmen Blue. The hilights were Tanned Flesh.

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