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so i'm lazy

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Okay, so I'm lazy. Or just too busy at the moment doing other stuff. Who knows?

Anyway, I have managed to find some old (ca 1988 or so...) pics of some of my ealry efforts. As soon as I can get scanner time, I'll get them posted. Then let the criticism begin!

I really need to get a digital camera. Film is great, especially when I break out the macro lenses, but I never seem to get the films developed. Thus the box containing some 65 or so rolls of film. Who knows _what_ is on them...

The cold has finally made it to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, my workspace is just too dern cold to slap paint on stuff. (I'm too cheap to spring for a space heater too...)

Then there's the related issue of cats trying to find shelter from the cold in my shop. Did I mention that I dislike cats? They're okay, when they do their job, and stay the crap out of my stuff.


I gotta go. There's food on the stove that needs tending to.

Just remember- there's always one more imbecile than you counted on...

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