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The Chaos horde swells

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Lots of pics, more construction than painting though. More recent shots are at the bottom, but I'll say right now that I have built a bunch of movement trays, primed most of the regiments, and painted the Warhounds since I've last taken photos. I'm mainly showing off the conversions so far :-)





The Sorceror Lord, complete with all his magnetized optional equipment.



The Knights, after being liberated from many of the unnecessary spikes and horns covering the models.





The Chosen were definitely a ton of work, but they look pretty good to me. Many have their horns converted to resemble the Tzeentch logo. Should be pretty cool when they're painted up. Many details on the models have been changed/replaced, including the addition of many gems where horns used to be. I think having gems wherever possible will help the color scheme pop a bit more.


Finally the Chosen Champion, based on Harry the Hammer and with a number of swapped pieces. I will be adding a little more detail to the helmet (thanks to some advice from Warseer members) and I'll try to find some room to place a Book of Secrets on his belt or something similar. I want him to be a Jr. Sorceror as well as a beast in combat :-)

It's hard to say if I'm on schedule or not with this army. I've done a lot of work lately, but I haven't been doing any of it in any logical order. I had this nice schedule all drawn up and I followed it for all of about 20 minutes before screwing things up and doing whatever I felt like. I'll have to make up a new one, luckily almost everything is built and primed by now so it should be mostly just painting for the next 4 weeks.

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