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Tzeentch choo-choo-chooses you!

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A quick shot of the WIP Chosen unit, I think the color scheme will definitely pan out nicely. I'll start working on the rest of the unit plus the Knights, and hopefully I'll have the big fat batch of models all finished in assembly-line fashion within a week. Gotta start ramping up the speed extremely quickly here or I won't finish on time.



These last 2 pics aren't 100% up to date, but they show the color scheme pretty well. The leather boots will be the dark brown/purple color, and the metal on the axe will be closer to the brown shading on the chainmail than the blue tint on the armor.


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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    I will definitely be adding some updates later on today, I have some pics from the last few painting sessions to upload. Hopefully I'll get my uni readings done this afternoon and come close to finishing the Knights tonight, they're really close :-)
  2. Jamaica Slim's Avatar
    Ohhhh.. ohh, i want these! very nice colors!

    I definately have to try the gold over yellow thing on my next batch of chaos warriors.

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