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General about me.

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Hi all, welcome to my first blog ever.  Also my first attepmt at modeling and painting.  Ive been into roleplaying for about 20 years but the wargaming thing kinda passed me by as being far too expencive and time consuming.

However, I have now found myself in a postition with money and time to spend in doing something to give me focus.

Just before christmas 2008 I heard that ADB, the makers of Star Fleet Battles, had a streamlined version of that game out called Federation Commander so i got hold of that and found it very very straight forward and it had a great community forum.  Also i found out they had miniatures available for it.  So i decided to give it a go.

As can be seen here ive made a small start on it.

Not long after that another friend pointed out a game called Secrets of the Third Reich which is a Wierd War 2 setting.  Vampires, Zombies, Mechs and Nazis.  So ive opted to be the british and have an army on order with my local store Patriot Games Huddersfield.

And just because im an old time gamer i decided to invest in some 40k and have today bought me a Tyranid Army.

I hope to keep this as uptodate as I can with images and the trials and tribulations i come across as I work through the models I have.


Thanks for reading


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