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Prepare to be consumed.

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Well today I bought my first ever 40K miniatures. They are sat not 5 feet from me glaring at me going make me and lets feed.

I headed over to Halifax (UK) to a model shop called Halifax Modelers World at the Piece Hall. Upon entering I was amazed at the ammount of models you could fit in such a small area. Anyway I was a man with a mission and headed straigh to the counter.

Id allready called so I knew the had the Tyranid Battle Force pack in. I also wanted to bulk the army out a bit. So i got a box of Gaunts, Warriors and Genestealers. I was hoping to get a Broodlord but they do not stock blisterpacks, which I found surprising.  Good shop though.

On the way back I was chatting with my dear mother who had accompanied me looking for a wedding present and she pointed out that the 3 boxes of extra minis i  had bought were allready in the battleforce.  Im like yes but i needed extra. To which she points at the price tags. DOH! I could have had 2 battle force boxes for less than i had spent on the models and had an extra Carnifex.  Well you live and learn.

So back to Huddersfield.  I call a little hobby store there called Something Wicked This Way Comes to check they had the Broodlord in.  They did yay so I popped in got that as well as a Hive Tyrant some Gargoyles and a Ravenor.

They should keep me busy for some time.

Thanks for reading


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