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The Chaos Divide 15

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Well as another update i've finished my terminators after being stricken by the flu, trying to find concentration and strength again is difficult. Overall im very happy with the whole squad and individually they are all of a fair tabletop standard. The blue's are all glazed and im happy with it all. Anyway comments and criticisms are welcome:

The photos still have that yellow tinge from my lamps but one day i'll finish something during the day and i'll retake some pics using natural lighting. Anyway have a look Very Happy

 Tsons Termie 01

Tsons Termie 02

Tsons Termie 03

Tsons Termie 04 

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Painting and Modelling , Warhammer 40K


  1. Jamaica Slim's Avatar
    Nice! I like the fact that you've actually chosen the tzentch blue/gold color theme. I have never seen terminators painted that way before. And the banner is very nice as well.

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