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Jamaica Slim

Blood For The Blood God!

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So, this is my chaos warriors project so far.

It's composed of a mixed bulk of corse units, a regiment each of maruders, chaos warriors who worships Khorne and a small unit of maruder horsemen. And is supported by a small regiment of chaos knights devoted to Khorne.

For some reason i decided to paint my hero on foot in traditional Slaanesh colors - purple and gold... Which seems kinda odd considering i have no other units clearly devoted to Slaanesh.

The army general is of course the center piece - the mounted Lord of Khorne and his mighty Juggernaut.

 Chaos Army-web.jpg


I have a batch of chaos ogryns as well, but they are not pictured today. I'm still working on them. And i have just brok the seal of my next batch of chaos warriors, who await paint and assembly. I alöso have another unit of chaos knights waiting in an unopened box. mmm....



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