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Did The Earth Move For You

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she was unable to walk and her movement was restricted in other ways as well.My dog, Tippy, ran past me. the doctors did not hold out much hope of her ever recovering from this illness.What’s your big hurry. They predicted she'd spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. I wondered, annoyed. They said that few, if any, were able to come back to normal after contracting this disease.It wasn’t like he was late for the school bus like I was. the little girl was undaunted.When he got to the front door, he lay down in front of it -- his way of asking to be petted. There, lying in her hospital bed, she would vow to anyone who'd listen that she was definitely going to be walking again someday.I ignored his shameless begging for affection, hurdled over him and sprinted for the waiting yellow bus. ¡¡¡¡She was transferred to a specialized rehabilitation hospital in the San Francisco Bay area. That afternoon, I jumped out of the bus and dashed up the driveway. Whatever therapies could be applied to her case were used.That’s odd, I thought. The therapists were charmed by her undefeatable spirit.Tippy was usually outside, barking an entire paragraph of “hellos” as soon as he saw me come home. They taught her about imaging - about seeing herself walking.When I burst through the door, the house was quiet and still. If it would do nothing else, it would at least give her hope and something positive to do in the long waking hours in her bed.I dumped my coat and backpack on the floor. Angela would work as hard as possible in physical therapy, in whirlpools and in exercise sessions.Mom silently appeared. But she worked just as hard lying there faithfully doing her imaging, visualizing herself moving, moving, moving! ¡¡¡¡One day, as she was staining with all her might to imagine her legs moving again, it seemed as though a miracle happened: The bed moved! It began to move around the room! She screamed out, ""Look what I'm doing! Look! Look! I can do it! I moved, I moved!"" ¡¡¡¡Of course, at this very moment everyone else in the hospital was screaming, too, and running for cover.She asked me to sit down at the kitchen table. People were screaming, equipment was falling and glass was breaking. “Honey, I have some sad news that I need to tell you. You see, it was the recent San Francisco earthquake.This morning, while you were at school, Tippy was hit by a car and killed. But don't tell that to Angela.He died instantly, so he didn’t suffer. mp3 players She's convinced that she did it.I know how much he meant to you. And now only a few years later, she's back in school.I’ m so sorry,” said Mom. world of warcraft gold You see, anyone who can shake the earth between San Francisco and Oakland can conquer a piddling little disease, can't they. “NO! It’s not true!” I was in shock. " .I couldn’t believe her. wow “Tippy, come here! Come on, boy!” I called and called for him. I waited. wow gold He didn’t come. Feeling lost, I wandered into the living room. wow gold kaufen He wasn’t on the couch, so I had no pillow for my head while I watched cartoons. Mom called me for dinner and I rambled2 to my place. wow power leveling He wasn’t hiding under the table, so I had to eat all of my dinner. I went to sleep that night, but I didn’t cry. I still couldn’t believe that he was gone.

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