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Dogs of War!

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It's been too long since I updated the blog (again). I did a bunch of work on the Chaos army, getting a good chunk of the units finished prior to the tournament in February. I'll be posting pics later on, if you guys saw my project log on Warseer then there's not much new just yet.

Anyway a good chunk of our gaming club is from Prince George, and we're driving down there for a tourney this coming weekend. I'm revamping my Dogs of War for the event, and adding some old/new characters and Duelists. First up is my Paymaster, converted from Shiekh Yadosh. He's not quite done yet, the blue isn't hilighted, the base isn't finished, and I need to paint the peacock feathers last. He's gonna be sweet! I love the sculpt, he's just so jolly I can't help but laugh when I look at him. He'll be finished right away, along with the rest of the Venators I was painting earlier (the heavy cav).


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