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Nurgle Cavalry

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Ok, my second regiment of chaos warriors are done (except for the bases) and i have begun on my next regiment of chaos knights. The last ones were devoted to Khorne, and this regiment are a part of the Nurgle dreadhost.

I started by priming them with GW skull white, then giving them a wash of Vallejos smokey ink in order to see the details. Not that these horses i'm working with now have that many details, but still, it's good practice for future projects.

After the smokey ink wash i mixed vallejos Gun metal with a few drops smokey ink and gave the barding a couple of thin layers. This made the barding take a light brass/bronze tone which looked very clean. Nurgle is all about disease, rot and puss - filth. So i mixed some dark green and black green ink and gave the barding a layer or two of that, following up with a coat of GW Devlan mud wash.

It looks good so far. I think i'll do some sharp highglights to the edges, and perhaps some dark ink in the craxks and crevises. Maybe some dirty gold details as well and then the armour will be done, exept for the head armour, which i'm thinking of either painting in bronze or perhaps just some dirty and rusty iron. Nurgle-WIP-web.jpg

The big question is what will i do with the actuall horses - what little is seen of them. Black perhaps? Or maybe some white/grayish tone?

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