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First Game Chaos Vs Empire

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A coupleof days ago i played my first game with my new Warriors of Chaos (WC) army. I fielded a 1500 pts army against a friends Empire army and here how it went.

I fielded two regiments of chaos warriors, one regiment of maruders as cannon fodder, two regiments of chaos knights and one regiment of maruder horsemen. Everything was lead by an exalted hero riding a juggernaut.

I had no problems fending off my opponents magic - coming from a lowly 1st level wizard hurling fireballs at me. The maruder horsemen chased off a regiment of outriders with handguns and cut them down off field, but only after the handgunners had made short work off my regiment of chaos knights devoted to khorne. They were gunned down before they could do anything. 

The other regiment of chaos knights were more useful. The cut down a regiment of flagellants, without taking any losses before charging, with the support of a badly decimated regiment of fierce chaos warriors, a regiment of handgunners, cutting them to pieces without any losses.

My Maruders on foot and my other regiment of chaos warriors, dedicated to Nurgle, were effectivly run to the ground by my opponents Steam Tank. A full dozen chaos warriors and the greater part of the Maruders died on the field.

My Hero effectivly charged the enemys regiment of greatswordsmen and cut the head off the enemy general before the overwhelming number of enemy soldiers forced him to retreat.

At the end of the sixth turn none of the armys had enough men left standing to fully controll the battle field. My losses on men were greater, but i had killed his general, and held enough ground to call it a draw.   

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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    Interesting game! If you want any advice or feedback for army lists, let me know I was playing Chaos a lot from Christmas-February. I'm back into the Dogs of War for now, but I haven't forgotten about Chaos ;-)

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